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Circuits, Abs & Glutes

Circuits, Abs & Glutes

You work hard in the gym to look and feel good all over, but let’s be real: There are certain areas we tend to fixate on the most, and for many of us, that’s our bellies and our butts. “Women are constantly asking me, ‘How do I get a firmer booty and tighter abs?’” notes social media fitness star Valentina Lequeux. Her answer: this powerful conditioning routine, which features a mix of compound giant sets and isolation moves to target the lower body (especially the glutes) and core. “The compound moves help increase the size and density of the muscle tissue, while the isolation exercises help create better separation in the muscles for a more complete look,” says Lequeux. “Adding in a high-intensity training circuit helps burn body fat all over.”

Try this workout twice a week as part of your regular training, or incorporate elements from it into other parts of your routine. Make sure you’re also following a balanced, clean diet, says Lequeux, and you’ll soon spot a noticeable difference in the form of a firmer, tighter, and sleeker belly, butt, and thighs.

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