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Are you worried about your body shape and tone? Don’t hesitate. Frolic Fitness ladies the only gym in Abu Dhabi here to help you.

To all the wonderful ladies, who want to improve themselves with inner lying beauty and grace, searching on Zumba fitness classes near me will give you the option.

Zumba is a Latin-inspired, calorie-burning music-dance fitness program. Within the wide variety of options in the program, you can choose the desired form to meet your needs. Professional Zumba instructors will help you to meet the kind of intensity which will suit your energy and health conditions.

This Zumba class is exclusively dedicated to the core builders of our society. In spite of your busy schedules, we help you to preserve yourself for the long run. With our dance fitness classes, maintain your health and family. A healthy body will help you multitask. Our lady’s Zumba instructor will design your fitness program as per your workout needs. Different intensities will be given to you for the desired outcome.

Additional Information:

Duration: 1 – Hour/session
Sessions: 10
Day: Thursday
Timing: 5:15 pm

We provide customized Zumba moves with lower, intermediate, and higher intensity to meet different age groups of ladies with various needs.

Zumba is a dance workout. A music-inspired fitness program that fits everybody. This is the most popular dance sync group workout plan. We deliver customized schedules to meet the interest of each individual. Our certified Zumba instructors provide professional sessions, with which you can practice in the future. This platform will impart the best fitness key to your whole life.

Why Zumba is good for ladies?

Increases metabolism – by burning excess fat, Zumba moves to enhance metabolism and helps to attain a healthy body.
Weight loss – Vigorous movements burn fat and reduce weight.
Improves mood – With this music-inspired dance workout, negative energy and stress will get reduced and you will feel positive.
Body toning – Flexibility and balancing skills will tone your body
Muscular strength– strong muscular coordination will stabilize muscles.
Positivity– When stress and strains are faded, overall attitudes and concentration will develop.

Zumba Classes in Abu Dhabi


Forget the stresses of home life. Tune out the wailing. Leave behind the to-do list.

Sweat out worries. Leave stress free.